The cement plaster finish wall of a petit bourgeois

The cement plaster finish wall of a petit bourgeois / Peretele de calciu al unui mic-burghez is a conceptual intervention made in two institutional spaces in Jassy: the gallery of the association Iași (which was located on Al. Lăpușneanu street, no. 7-9) and the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, UNAGE (the technique transposition room for mural arts). By reproducing the former decorations called “Calcio-Vecchio” in both spaces, the project considered the cultural aspects of modernist memory. Concerned about the devaluation of decoration techniques, I researched the reasons for the popular rejection of these plasters. Following the tendency of the process of depreciation of modernist design, we considered that the aesthetic sense is influenced by the dominant cultural perspectives, rather than by experiences related to personal tastes.

The exhibition  PERETELE DE CALCIU AL UNUI MIC-BURGHEZ/ THE CEMENT PLASTER FINISH WALL OF A PETIT BOURGEOIS was part of Narațiuni Concurente project, organized by 1+1 association in collaboration with Iași, Jassy (RO)

Curated by: Livia Pancu and Florin Bobu

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