Artist, I am buying an apartment in this block of flats!/ Artist, cumpăr apartament în acest bloc!

The artistic project overlapped urgent aspects of the author’s personal life (lack of a personal home) with a critical attitude specific to contemporary cultural practices, seeking to identify possible correlations between the exchange value of desired housing and the symbolic value of capitalizing processes resulted from the production of this project. The artistic approach aimed to distinguish between several types of capital accessible from the position of a young aspiring middle class. The artist-tenant seeked to identify his housing possibilities from his own position favored by the acquisition of symbolic capital. Despite the numerous benefits that have arisen with the occupation of a new professional status (phD in visual arts) it was necessary to overlap the two types of capital that are dominant in the specialized criticism: symbolic-cultural and real. The relevance of the research was generated by the standardized function that cultural capital occupies in the usual economic relations, separating between those with know-how, creative, polite, successful, trustworthy and others – excluded, lazy, uncivilized, scandalous, thieves, bandits, non-Europeans.

The exhibition ARTIST, I AM BUYING AN APARTMENT IN THIS BLOCK OF FLATS! / ARTIST, CUMPĂR APARTAMENT ÎN ACEST BLOC! was produced by the unuplusunu (1+1) association in collaboration with Iași association, and it was part of the larger project Clasa Culturală/ Culture Class, co-financed by AFCN. Jassy, 2019.

Curated by: Livia Pancu and Florin Bobu

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